Pet Portraits

Who doesn't love those adorable faces! Our fur babies are the first to welcome us when we get home and the company we need throughout the day. Even though they can't talk they seem to have a lot to say. Although their time with us is often shorter then we'd hope, they become such a big part of our lives. 

At Creative Focus Photography we have a big understanding of that bond. We have our Fur babies also:)

Pet portraits are a great way to capture those loveable faces!

When you arrive to your session you will be greeted with treats and water for you and your fur baby. along with an overly excited photographer ready to snuggle that baby. but don't worry! We understand a new place can be scary. So we encourage you to come in and let them explore the space while we sit on the couch and chat:) 

For in studio sessions we ask that your Fur baby be well behaved and potty trained. Thank you!:)

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Pet Portrait Pricing

30 minutes

10+ images delivered in a password protected gallery where you can download all included edited images at no extra cost.


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We all know our pets have a personality! Why not show it off by letting them become a firefighter, policeman, astronaut
or a dignified businessman 


Fantasy pet portrait
1 digital image 


Cake smash

Yes, we do that too! 

We can provide the cake (our amazing baker at Zeke's Sweets makes a tasty dog approved cake!)

or you can bring your own. As always we love to decorate! Let us know a theme and we'll make it happen:)

Cleanup after is on us! 

DSC_1749DSC_1749 DSC_0950DSC_0950

Cake smash

30 minutes

Cake and decorations included