What to expect

Our Newborn sessions are a great way to capture beautiful memories of your little bundle of joy! 

When you come to our studio you will be encouraged to relax and make your self at home. We will have snacks, water and a big comfy couch for you to  enjoy for your session.  

Our newborn section offers a calm environment to help set you and your baby at ease. Including a wide variety of backdrops, outfits, wraps and props to choose from. 

It's important to remember that Newborn sessions take time.

Most of that time is filled with feeding, changing and calming your baby. I encourage you to bring extra diapers and if you are bottle feeding make sure to bring extra. However, we do keep extra diapers and basic newborn necessities on hand just in case.


Every newborn session includes a family photo and siblings are welcomed to come as well! We have games, toys and a TV to help entertain them while they wait:)


Newborn Session Pricing

1.5 hours

Within the first 2 weeks after birth is recommended 

20+ images included delivered in a password protected gallery where you can download all included edited images at no extra cost


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