About us

When you choose Creative Focus Photography, you’re not just getting pictures. You’re getting an experience. We’re all about experience here. From our first contact to when you receive your gallery. We’re not just a portrait studio. We’re a family who loves what we do and wants to share that with you. Every session is personal to us because we know it’s personal to you. When you come to our studio, you will be greeted with a big smile and possibly a corny joke. You’ll be offered snack, drinks, and a comfortable place to sit. Our studio is big and caters to many different styles and sessions so you will see a little bit of everything when you come in. if you have a music preference, let us know we will be more than happy to play it for you. Our goal is always to make you feel welcomed, relaxed and listen to. We are constantly changing, updating and learning, new, lighting techniques, styles, and trends to offer you our best. 

Our studio is very special to us not just because of its size and what it has to offer but its location. Before it was a studio it was a school, Rumford school, and you guessed it that was where we went from kindergarten to sixth grade. We grew up in this neighborhood, and are so excited to be back to our roots. 
Whatever your occasion is, we are there to capture it for you and give you memories that will last a lifetime. 

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Meet your Photographers




Owner/ Photographer

Hello! My name is Troy and no that’s not short for anything; no that’s not what my name would’ve been if I was a boy. I was even asked one time did my parents lose a bet? No, they really loved the name and I have grown to love it as well:)


I’ve been doing Photography on and off for over 20 years. Every time I put down my camera and walk away from it God always pulls me back to it. So after years of having one foot in the door I’ve decided to pick up that camera for good.


So, why did I choose to get into photography? I had a lot of dreams in my life; a long list of things that I wanted to do and photography was always one of them. I watched my dad and mom taking pictures growing up. Whenever they would allow me the opportunity to hold their camera never less actually use it; It was the highlight of my day! I think it was that excitement that made me want to pursue it most of all. There’s something about photography, it’s capturing that moment seeing that moment and then sharing that moment. For me seeing some thing that has brought myself joy turn around and bring others joy is quite a remarkable thing. Not everyone expresses themselves this way some are painters, some are sculptures, some sing it, some write it. There are many ways to express yourself. I’ve chosen to photograph it .

When you meet me I encourage you to just be yourself. Relax and enjoy the time. You’ll realize I’m very laid-back and a huge dork. I’ll tell you a lot of corny jokes and most likely I’ll be wearing slippers. I love what I do and I also love being comfortable it’s the best of both worlds!
I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to the Creative Focus Family!


Coming soon!

We will be introducing the newest member to the team!